MP rides bicycle to work in protest over high cost of living

In a country where politicians in general and Members of Parliament, in particular, are noted for riding in V8 vehicles on deplorable roads, it came as a pleasant surprise when one of the Members of Parliament Ras Mubarak decided to ride a bicycle to work on Tuesday.

But his 17 km ride was for a purpose- a protest. The Kumbungu MP said his bicycle ride to the office is in protest over the harsh economic conditions in the country.

One of his reasons is the cost of fuel which he said has become too expensive to buy.

Ras Mubarak is part of an opposition party which has criticized the government’s economic policies and its impact on the citizenry.

He says it is time to demonstrate his personal displeasure over the economic conditions in the country a different way.

So with his helmet and riding gear on, Ras Mubarak made his way to work on the bicycle amidst lots of media attention.

Some have described the action as cheap, populist and a deliberate attempt to grab attention but the Kumbungu MP has been quick with a rebuttal.

Yunyoo MP, Joseph Bipoba Naabu does not understand how a man who owns a V8 will complain of not having money to fuel it.

He is convinced the action is more populist than genuine.

But Mubarak told Joy News the decision to leave his V8 at home and ride a bicycle to work is to highlight the growing dissatisfaction with the standards of living in the country.

He said people are losing their jobs with many others struggling to make ends meet and there is the need to make that point clear to the government.

 Interestingly, however, the MP parked the bicycle in Parliament and picked uber home claiming it was threatening to rain.

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