All about Augmented Reality and its Applications

Today's mobile technology can perform lots of things, but the future of smart cell phones can provide users the ability to see the world from the eyes of a computer.

It's called augmented reality: a fresh smart mobile app combining state of the art software with high-performance mobile networks and GPS, giving users opinion of the world even Robocop will be envious of.

You can also enjoy a great many benefits and get enhanced experience through augmented reality.

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Phones equipped with Google's Android applications and Apple's iPhone 3GS are accompanying this brand-new technology into the cell world, allowing developers to overlay digital pictures in addition to images captured with the smart camera.

Augmented reality can lead you towards the nearest railway station, bus stop; supermarket, hotel and you name it! Only capture an image of this street and allow your mobile to guide you toward the nearest lists that are available.

Computer software engineers are at the early phases of development with this brand-new technology that is guaranteed to pave the way for cell mobile applications in the future.

Layer, an Amsterdam-based firm, is behind the growth of the technology and also despite the complex development, the notion is simple. Users hunt for advice with Google and the smart phone's GPS capacities filter the results to make the closest options with all the consumer vicinity.