Clickbank University Overview

Although there are already a lot of detailed Clickbank University reviews, this post will be a short overview and comparison of CBU with one of it's main and most popular alternatives – Wealthy Affiliate.

Clickbank University is resource for anyone who's new to affiliate marketing and product creation.  It includes a separate series of courses and tutorials about each of these topics and is officially endorsed by one of the leading affiliate networks – Clickbank.  As this is probably the affiliate network you'll  start working with (it's the most friendly for beginners and is very easy to use), having the option to get their official training from "Clickbank University" is useful.

A leading alternative to Clickbank University is Wealthy Affiliate.  It's been around for much longer – it was first set up in 2005 – so has a really good reputation and a very large community of members.  The key feature of Wealthy Affiliate is it's diversity – there are so many different money making methods there that you're likely to find one that works.  However, this is also it's main flaw – it's confusing and hard not to be overwhelmed by all the information.  Clickbank University, by comparison, is very focused and probably much easier for beginners to follow (in my opinion) than Wealthy Affiliate.