Doba and Worldwide Brands

Doba is a good tool for store owners looking for drop shippers, but Worldwide Brands has been around a lot longer and claims to list more suppliers and products – so which is the best value for money?

Doba is a subscription service – you have to pay between $29 and $249 a month to use it.  For that you get access to a fully integrated fulfilment system – where you can search for products, buy them and have them drop shipped directly to your customers.  At the moment there is no app to integrate directly with Shopify, but it is easy to download their product catalogue and upload it to your store.

The best thing about Doba is how easy it is to use, and the worst thing by far is the cost of membership.  There are alternatives though – including Worldwide Brands, a directory with more suppliers and about eight times as many products.

The problem with Worldwide Brands though is it’s just a directory – you have to contact and deal direct with all of the suppliers, and that takes more time and effort than many people are prepared to offer.

But if you can spare the time, Worldwide Brands offers better value for money and more products to sell.  It costs $249 for lifetime access, as much as the top subscription to Doba is per month, and for that you can trade with over 8,000 certified drop shippers and wholesalers and browse more than 16 million products.