Required Vitamins and Minerals for the Body

To get benefit from the various fruits and vegetables each and every day, you need to incorporate plenty of them in your diet. But it is unrealistic and very hard to expect to eat such a vast array of these on a daily basis. If you want detailed information about vitamins and minerals then you can see here:

Alfalfa – Magnesium, Carotene, Chlorophyll, and Vitamin K

Barley Grass: A powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from toxic free radicals is that the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase). Barley grass includes one of the greatest amounts of SOD. Barley grass also has 30 times more Vitamin B1 and 11 times the amount of calcium than there is in cow's milk, 6.5 times as much carotene, close to 5 times the iron content in spinach, and nearly seven times the vitamin C that is in oranges.

Wheat Grass: Has as much salt as broccoli, beets, and carrots, comprises over eighty different minerals and is high in fiber. Magnesium is essential for muscle contraction and bowel health.

Sulforphane boosts the body's detoxification enzymes; therefore more quickly helps to clear potentially carcinogenic chemicals. This and other plant phytonutrients found in Brussels sprouts improve the activity of the body's natural defense systems and protect against illness, such as cancer.