The Weather in Fiji


Throughout the year, the weather of Fiji is quite pleasant. The temperature usually stays around 30 degrees Celsius with dry and wet zones to be noticed during the rains. Since the weather of Fiji is tropical, the water temperature is quite pleasant. This makes it perfect for activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling. Scuba Diving can also be enjoyed during May-October due to clear visibility near the coral reefs.

Fiji attracts tourists between March and December. It’s the perfect time for warm climate, clear blue skies and sunny days. There are plenty of activities to do during this time around. Along with the water-based activities, you can enjoy other things like wandering and exploring unexplored beaches, hiking and walking though the landscapes.

During the winter, you can enjoy outside activities. You will be witnessing a pleasant experience of Fiji’s weather during winter. Visiting Fiji during winter is the best way to explore the country with less crowd and distraction.

November to April is when summer season comes. Expect temperature to rise up along with humidity. However, this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing this great country. You can still manage to do snorkeling, swimming, diving and scuba diving. But summer is the best time to hit the beaches of Fiji for surfing or relaxing under the sun.

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